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The Swedish Institute for Studies in Education and Research - SISTER

The purpose of SISTER is to study education, research and the innovation process in an international comparative perspective, and to foster debate in this area. SISTER initiates its own independent research and conducts commissioned investigations, assessments and evaluations. SISTER is independent of political interests.

Staff include researchers and investigators from a range of scientific disciplines, including economics, history, sociology, political science, and engineering. SISTER is managed by a director, Mr. Enrico Deiaco.

Founding organisations

The Swedish Institute for Studies of Education and Research started on January 1, 2000. The Institute is an initiative for independent analysis and investigation of the Higher Education sector and the R&D system. The Institute has been set up jointly by four royal Swedish academies and four Swedish research-funding foundations:

The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry
The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences
The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
The Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation
The Knowledge Foundation
The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

Research Profile

SISTER studies education, research and innovation throughout society,
i.e. in private enterprises and organizations as well as in the public sector. The Institute operates through its own staff and through commissioned external researchers. It also serves as host for doctoral students, post-docs and visiting scholars.

Research and investigations are essentially in the form of time-limited projects, primarily in areas of importance for the research-policy debate and for knowledge development within higher education and innovation. Projects initiated by SISTER are to be of high scientific standard and of relevance to the university and the R&D system. A central objective is to provide an overview and a context to contemporary debate and policy-making.


SISTER at the CHER-conference in Italy

Lars Geschwind and Karin Larsson from SISTER participated at CHER (Consortium for Higher Education Researchers) conference in Pavia, Italy between 11-13 of September. This years's theme was Excellence and Diversity in Higher Education - Meanings, Goals and Instruments.

Lars Geschwind presented the article Getting pole position - Pre Reform Strategies in the Humanities at Swedish Universities which discuss what strategies that were used by ten Swedish universities to strengthen the research quality within the humanities. Read the full article here.


SISTERs on-going and concluded project in our Annual report 2007 link to pdf-file

Public debate on research policy in Nordic countries
Nordforsk is financing a comparative study about the R&D public debate; Public debate on research policy in Nordic countries - issues and trends. SiSTER will focus on the Swedish part of the study.The project runs between June 2008 - March 2009.

Funding: Nordforsk

Bologna Process
The overarching goal with the Strategic Institute Program The Bologna Process in Theory and Practice is to study what the reform actually has meant for the every-day life in the academia, for academic as well as for administrative staff. The result will be presented in several forms through reports, workshops and open seminars. An edited volume with contributions from academic staff that has been active in the implementation process and /or the program is planned during 2009.

Contact person is Anki Dellnäs, Senior Researcher

Funding: Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation and The Knowledge Foundation

The conference European Universities Learning to Compete in June 2008 in Stockholm concluded the UNI-KNOW project. It aimed to develop an understanding of the impact of systemic changes in the research and education system in Sweden. Numerous papers and drafts were produced during 2005 to 2007. In 2008 two edited books will be published. One, slightly more popular in nature, aims to discuss the future of the Swedish research system, and is edited by Sverker Sörlin and Mats Benner. The other presents the academic results of the UNI-KNOW project. Several international writers will contribute to the edited volume, in addition to the members of the project. The book will be edited by Maureen McKelvey and Magnus Holmén. Download chapters that will be published in the book here

Conference presentations can be downloaded here:

Strategy to join the elite: merger and the 2015 agenda for the University of Manchester
Luke Georghiou

Do we see economies of scale in universities? (or: differentiate, not merge at all cost)
Andrea Bonaccorsi

Academic patenting in Europe: new evidence from the KEINS database
Francesco Lissoni

Learning to Compete in European Universities: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business
Enrico Deiaco & Maureen McKelvey

Funding: the Knowledge Foundation, RJ, SSF and STINT

Does University-Industry Collaboration Affect Academia?

Numerous scholars have studied collaboration between university and industry. Their work ranges from patent studies via policy studies to structural or systemic approaches. In this project we seek an alternative understanding of collaboration between universities and industry by moving the focus from structural and output-oriented approaches to understanding how collaborative efforts affect HEIs. The project consists of five different studies. Download the reports here.

Contact person is Enrico Deiaco

Funding: the Knowledge Foundation

Recent publications

SSAAPS Lars Geschwind at SISTER has written Swedish School of Advanced Asia-Pacific Studies (SSAAPS)
Dowload the report here

Research and Education quality

SULF has conducted a study about the relation between research and education quality. The report Utbildningskvalitet och forskande lärare - hur ser sambandet ut? is written by Lars Geschwindn and can be ordered at SULF:s web site

Research and education in four research profiles

Maria Johansson has written the report Interaction between research and education in four research profiles - Can industry co-operation improve the link? Which will be published at CESIS, also available to download here

Swedish Humanities Research

SISTER has undertaken an investigation of the prevailing conditions for research within the arts and humanities. The aim was to study its position in the modern research landscape, its flaws and strengths, and its future position. The study is based on both national case studies and international comparisons, using both qualitative and quantitative methods, resulting in a three part study. Download the report here

Impact analysis of Governmental Seed Funding

Since the late 1960s, VINNOVA and NUTEK have provided different forms of seed capital funding. SISTER has studied this process and its outcome for the years 1994-2004. The purpose has been to analyse the impact on the companies that received funding that can be attributed to the funding itself. The study concludes that there are positive effects of governmental seed funding, as well as in the building of business platsforms. Download the report here

Exploring University Alliances

Enrico Deiaco, Ana M Gren & Göran Melin have written the report Exploring University Alliances and Comparable Academic Cooperation Structures. The report is also a chapter in the book European Universities Learning to Compete: From Social Institution to Knowledge Business that will be published in the fall 2008 at ELGAR. Download the report here

Collaboration for competitiveness

Anders Broström has written the report Collaboration for competitiveness - Towards a new basis for regional innovation policy. Download the report here

Publication and dissemination

Research and investigations are published as reports for wide dissemination within the university sector and among policy-makers and politicians, industry, the media etc. The Institute issues its own publications in printed or electronic form. In addition, publications appear in scientific journals, anthologies and monographs.

The Institute arranges seminars and conferences to bring out new research results and to stimulate debate on research and educational issues. The aim of SISTER is also to function as a meeting place and a network node for people in the field. Project collaboration with research units and institutes in Sweden and other countries is a natural part of SISTER's day-to-day work.


Swedish Institute for Studies in Education and Research
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List of staff

Enrico Deiaco, Managing Director, +46 8 545 252 62, +46 70 626 44 73

Inger Lindbäck, Financial Manager, +46 8 545 252 67

Anna Hallén, Communication Manager, +46 8 545 252 66

Anki Dellnäs, Senior Researcher, +46 8 545 252 63

Olle Edqvist, Senior Researcher, +46 8 545 252 68

Lars Geschwind, Senior Researcher, +46 8 545 252 76

Göran Melin, Senior Researcher, Leave of absence

Anders Broström, Researcher, Leave of absence

Maria Johansson, Researcher, +46 8 545 252 72

Åsa Smedberg, Researcher, parental leave

Karla Anaya-Carlsson, Research Assistant, +46 8 545 252 70

Karin Larsson, Research Assistant, +46 8 545 252 77

Sverker Sörlin, Associated Researcher, +46 70 545 25 26

Andreas Högberg, Associated Researcher, +46 8 545 252 60

Lillemor Kim, Associated Researcher, +46 70 545 25 28

Hans Lööf, Associated Researcher, +46 8 545 252 60

Göran Reitberger, Associated Researcher, +46 8 545 252 60

Peder Karlsson, Associated Researcher, +46 730 58 37 19